Advocating for Students

I have long advocated for the needs and concerns of students at all levels of education. Previously, I served on the advisory board of Clark County School District’s Advanced Technology Academy (A-TECH). As a university student, I served as an elected member of the school’s Student Government and Graduate Council, which gave me my first experiences with advancing student rights in higher education.

Affordable Higher Education

Higher education should not be cost prohibitive for hard working and academically talented students.  Most recently, in December 2019, the current Board of Regents voted to increase the cost to attend UNLV and other institutions of higher learning. The increase and changes to the fee structure is across the board with 75 pages of documentation reflecting the increases, new fees and few decreases. My goal is to put a control on any future tuition cost increases.

Access to Funding Opportunities

My background in public-sector finance, accounting, and economics, have positioned me to help assist students and other stakeholders, in tackling complex matters such as funding mechanisms and access to scholarship opportunities.

I have created a scholarship in collaboration with Nevada Policy Research Institute – a think tank, for high school graduates wanting to go to college. Additionally, I have donated funds for technology purchases for special education students at local elementary schools.